The Call Of The Wind #BarAThon

The trees danced to the music of the rain as the downpour increased every minute. The leaves kissed the wind as it passed by them. The flowers spread their fragrance all around, rejoicing. The buildings felt refreshed as the rain bathed them after the prolonged summer sun had almost burnt them. The road looked as fresh as new but only with puddles of rainwater here and there, which surely frustrated the pedestrians and even more when a vehicle passed by them splashing the colours of rain on their clothes.

There she stood in her little balcony overseeing the traffic beneath her building, sipping her hot chocolate sip by sip as she turned the pages of her favourite novel. There was nothing that could replace an evening like this, she wondered, except a heavy downpour. She rushed to keep her book and mug inside but came outside again. The raindrops touched her skin and the wind soothed the soul.

“Hey, come inside, you’ll get all wet”, came a voice from inside the room.
“Naah!! This is the first rain of the season! You know I love the rains, don’t you?”
“Yes but…”
“Come and feel it!”
“No! I’m good here. But what’s so special about this rain?”
“It’s the wind more than the rain!”
“It’s the call of the wind. When I stand here, it feels like it calls out to me, talk to me and tell me all about the places it has been, all the wonders it has seen… It wants me to take it with itself if only I could fly!”
“Writers! You never resist personifying anything, right?”
She just smiled as the rains continued to drench her and the wind told her new stories.


PROMPT- The Call of The Wind
THEME- Seven

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  1. I never really thought of the wind carrying stories. What a lovely metaphor.
    I love the wind blowing through my hair and the soft rain falling . It is Ian’s irresistible call.

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