Once, During A Rainy Day…

I hear the clouds thundering
On a hot summer afternoon,
When the rose in my garden
With color red starts to bloom;

Leaves rustling and birds singing
As the wind begins to blow,
Interrupting my book
Your thoughts starts to flow.

Picking up the coffee beans
On stove I let it brew,
As the aroma fills the room
It reminds me of you.

Out to the terrace I walk
The droplets reach my skin,
Feels the fire of your touch
Making my heart spin.

When trying to rule the sky
The clouds take down the sun,
From the souvenirs of my mind
Far away I want to run;

I sight a faded rainbow
Playing hide and seek,
Like the words of our hearts
About the promises we didn’t speak.

As the day turned dark
Making the world blind,
With our hands entwined
Eternal peace we find.

It’s now a heavy downpour
Welcoming the monsoon,
The memories wetting my eyes
While Clouds hides the moon;

The season come and go
And once during the rainy day
Ruffling through the pages of time
Life adds Colors to my shades of grey

© Inking Expressions
9th July 2017

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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7 thoughts on “Once, During A Rainy Day…

  1. Your words paint a very real imagery of the monsoon sights! I glory when it rains and I guess feel pretty much the same way as is emoted in this poem – good one Nibha!

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