Dear Younger Self

My dear Younger self
With you
I have something to share,
Now is the time
When you’ll feel
That world isn’t fair.

Though there are many
Stories to tell
Both sad and nice,
But one thing
Above all
Is a little more advice.

There lies
Ahead of you
A bittersweet life,
With a garden of sorrows
And bouquet of joys
That will fall in your strife.

Many people will join your journey
Some will stay
While some might leave,
Amdist plenty of hate
Find little love
In yourself to believe.

Everytime you will face
Fears so low
And challenges so tall,
But let me tell you
Whatever be the trap
Don’t you dare ever fall.

And sometimes when
The stress will rain
And troubles will blow,
The dreams in your heart
And the sparkle in your eyes
Don’t just let them go.

Life won’t always offer
A piece of cake
Or hot fudge coffee cup,
But all you have to do
Is to hold your head high

© Inking Expressions
27th August, 2017

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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12 thoughts on “Dear Younger Self

  1. Never give up and hold on to a select few you love and who love you back because nothing else matters is what I’d say to my younger self.
    Good one.

  2. Absolutely awesome. I wonder how do you craft such beautiful poems. Also It’s quite relative I would be giving my younger self same peice of advise ……Keep rocking Nibhs..oh sorry it’s Nibhz 😛

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