The Veil Of Night

The night was dark,
Wind blew in silence;
Sleep walking into dreams,
Awake only heard the dogs bark.

Falling of the China bowl
Broke the ultimate peace;
Staring at the darkness around
She could hear the monsters howl.

Alone shone the moon
Above the creaked cottage;
But there was none to find
Under the bed, neither ghost nor goon.

Curtains flew and doors would creak,
spooky whispers filled the house;
Searching for a candle to light,
A word she dare not speak.

The tick-tock of the grandfather’s clock,
and twisting of the front door’s knob
Amidst the eeriest thoughts,
Did she hear a whispered knock?

Not a soul wandering around,
Trees singing a creepy lullaby;
It was still hours to go
Before sunlight hits the ground.

Unknown secrets the cottage kept,
Of the untold legends and tales;
Until that day before sunrise,
With the rain the truth had wept.

© Inking Expressions
9th September, 2017

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

13 thoughts on “The Veil Of Night

  1. Woaa what a scary scene too have set here. Loved your eerie descriptions… I loved the line about sleep walking into dreams. Extremely creative… Love the imagery

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