In The Seventh Heaven #AtoZChallenge

“Would you like some tea?”, a sweet voice asked me while I was reading my morning newspaper.
“Thanks, beta, but no”, I replied.
She stared at me with anticipating eyes, and reframed her question, “Some coffee then?”
I didn’t quite understand why she was doing this, but I played along, “Yes, coffee would be wonderful.”
Her eyes glowed and she ran back towards the kitchen to find her mother. Only to return a few minutes later, trying so hard to balance the cup of hot coffee and not spill anything. For a 5-year-old, it was quite challenging a task. I thanked her and she went back smiling. I went back to my newspaper.
I was on the supplementary pages when she turned up at the balcony again.
“I have put the geyser on papa, it will be ready in next 5 minutes.”
I could understand that my youngest daughter definitely had something on her mind, which was leading to these little initiatives early in the morning.
“Thank you, Shona, how come you are being such a good girl today?” I asked.
She giggled and hid behind the curtain.
I curiously asked, “Is it that Shona wants something from daddy?” Her laughter intensified and she appeared from behind the curtain, but now with her pleading eyes.
“Papa, I have become 5 years old now, I am a big girl”, she stated confidently.
I nodded, waiting for the real subject to come up.
“When we go to the movies today, I promise to be a good girl, her eyes reflected the truth in her words.”
I nodded again. She knew she had to come to the point now.
“When we go out today, can I please sit by the window?” She asked while lowering her face, but only enough to catch my reaction from the corner of her eye. I smiled, and nodded again. She hugged me with joy at the realization that now she had her own window when we drive to the movies.
Her two elder brothers would always push her to the middle seat claiming she was not old enough. But its time now. The hug was warm, innocent and full of happiness. She was flying in the seventh heaven. I let her go and she ran back to announce this little achievement to the rest.
While chasing materialistic possessions, we often forget that happiness comes from experiences. And experiences can be sought at the littlest of things. It is always there, only if we look for it, I

Happiness is more than just a word. As we grow old we often forget to take notice of little moments of joy and feel bliss out of random things. Here’s an attempt to find something hidden in the little corners of heart… 💕
Let’s make this world a happier place, with one story at a time!

5 thoughts on “In The Seventh Heaven #AtoZChallenge

  1. Oh I know this fascination with window seats. My 5 year year old son insists on taking the window seat during flights and the front seat besides the driver in the car. It really does matter a lot to him. A very thoughtful post.

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