Like A Dog With Two Tails #AtoZChallenge

He woke up to the sunlight that peeked in through the curtains. It was hardly six in the morning and way too early for the late riser like him to be wide awake. But this wasn’t a usual day either. The anxiety was taking over and the dreams which could better be termed as nightmares woke him up much before the time of his first shot of morning coffee.
After a few toss and turns in the bed, he gave up trying to sleep again. He pulled himself out of the bed, pulled off the curtains and walked over to the kitchen to brew himself a cup of coffee. His eyes followed the clock on the wall every two minutes.
He picked up the newspaper from the door and tried hard to focus on positivity while news spread was just a series of negatives. The time that was used to flying so fast seems to have suddenly to move like a car stuck in a jam.
The next few hours passed by making him miserable every second. The phone rang and brought him out of his lost thoughts.
“You can join from tomorrow”, said the voice from the other side after the initial pleasantries were done.
“Thank you so much”, he said as composed he could pretend to be when in reality he was pacing frantically like a dog with two tails, his heart beating twice faster than the normal.
I did it! He said to himself, after months of hard work, he finally had his first job.

Happiness is more than just a word. As we grow old we often forget to take notice of little moments of joy and feel bliss out of random things. Here’s an attempt to find something hidden in the little corners of heart… 💕
Let’s make this world a happier place, with one story at a time!

2 thoughts on “Like A Dog With Two Tails #AtoZChallenge

  1. That’s such a lovely story Nibha! It brought to my mind the day when I when I received an email confirming my selection for a job! Loved your theme.

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