Mirth #AtoZChallenge

The gossip filled the room. There was lots of information to catch up on.
Who was abroad? Who went where and why? Who proved to be a surprising element for the rest of all?
The questions kept shooting up, fetching reactions of ooohs and aaaahs and sometimes frowns of jealousy too.
Drinks were served and the conversations flowed from the serious discussions of careers and jobs to those of love and relationships.
Who married whom? Which relationships survived? which died? Who was having it all?
Another round of drinks and the less fortunate in love brooded about their stories while some flashed off their diamonds rings with pride. Some spilt the details of their new found partner while some kept their secrets under the rugs.
Dinner delicacies were slowly filling in and the time was now running too fast for anyone to be able to stop. The conversation was nostalgic by the time desserts made an appearance.
Mirth filled the classroom where silence was always the decorum; and why not it was a reunion after five years.

Happiness is more than just a word. As we grow old we often forget to take notice of little moments of joy and feel bliss out of random things. Here’s an attempt to find something hidden in the little corners of heart… 💕
Let’s make this world a happier place, with one story at a time!

2 thoughts on “Mirth #AtoZChallenge

  1. You caught the rhythm of reunions perfectly. I’m soon approaching my 50th. The additional lines are now about our health and who has left the building.

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