2010s – A Decade of Lessons and Memories

Hey peeps!

I know, it’s been a very long time and absolutely no see! Well, a lot transpired in last eight months and I’m sure everyone would be eager to hear all about it. But this ain’t the time to tell those stories. Just to keep your curiosity alive, this year’s wedding wave finally caught in yours truly. 😛

So, the decade of 2010s as everyone has been talking about whole December, is finally coming to end. For me, these ten years have changed a lot of things starting from my very own personality, my thoughts, my beliefs, my dreams, in short, these years have turned my life around. These years involved growing up from bring Papa’s princess to becoming my King’s Queen. These years saw me live a little, sacrifice a little, love a little, learn a little, explore a little.. the list goes on… These years took me place like literally..

Dedicated to 2010s:
Like a movie
A decade passed by
Like a roller-coaster ride
Life went low and high

Let’s take a walk down the memory lane now..

And Something for the new Decade:

With 2020 stepped in
It’s a our year
Hand in hand we walk
Without any fear

4 thoughts on “2010s – A Decade of Lessons and Memories

  1. I love the way you have covered your life in the last decade through these pictures. Hope you have many more such moments to share in the future. Happy New Year

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