Farewell 2020

Let’s look back at the days,
Of the year which shook our lives;
With unnerving incidents turning true,
Having the sharpness of knives!

January tip-toed in my Life,
As the year 2020 began;
Amidst the shopping spree,
Doing everything I can!

February watched over me,
As the wedding bells rang;
On the road from Miss to Mrs,
The love birds sang!

Tagged as Husband and Wife,
Marched towards the marital bliss;
But the world around us,
Turned into an endless abyss!

Locked with work at home,
Was the time of April, May, June;
Wanting to fly around,
Like a butterfly in a cocoon!

July, August and September,
The cookery show had gone down,
Binge-watching had phased out,
All just wanted to move out of town!

Celebration months of gifts and surprise,
Were October, November and December;
With little normalcy to life,
Hope became a new family member!

Labelled as a tough year,
It brought in many firsts;
Short staycations and longer drives,
Led to the gallery of desserts!

Masking our way through the next year,
Let hope and happiness romance;
With warm and kind hearts,
Let’s give life another chance!

© Inking Expressions
31st December 2020

9 thoughts on “Farewell 2020

  1. You have so beautifully summarised your year. I am glad you were able to find positivity in the chaos that 2020 was. Congratulations on the wedding. I hope you have a great year ahead.

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