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Hola blog-o-sphere,

It’s been after years since I am choosing a word for the year and blogging about it too. I know it’s kind of late for this post since it’s already been half of January that has gone by. I can blame it on the severe cold up here in the north though, but I think I will not. It has really been crazy the last 15 days in the cold, office, and cooking for one has been the only summary of it.

I hope this year has been treating you well so far. For me, it hadn’t been much eventful. Welcomed the year by writing the traditional year-end post from the luxury of a cozy blanket and sleeping off minutes just after the clock crossed the 0000 mark! The year continues to reel in cold waves and we keep snuggling deeper into our blankets!

Riding the roller-coaster of Time since 2020, we all have lost track of time. Thinking about the time gone by in the last three years (still feels unbelievable to say it out loud), it feels as if many little moments have gone by unnoticed. In the race to tick off the goals which had gotten side-tracked during the covid years, those moments of peace have been left unappreciated. Thinking about those minute moments of life, I decided to take this year slow, a day at a time, and more importantly a moment at a time.

2023, comes with its own set of goals.

I want to write more. (once a month to start with)

I want to paint more.

I want to read more books. (at least more than the previous year’s count)

I want to travel more.

I want to collect more sunsets.

I want to catch some sunrises too!

The list goes on though. But most of all, I want to live those little moments more. Having a cup of coffee in the balcony overlooking society’s kids hopping on the bus to school. Having a date with my husband dearest in that instagrammable café, but also enjoying the meal more than the ambiance. Having a stroll around the park without headphones on. Having an hour by myself to dive in the world of books to disconnect.

The list of these little moments is much longer than those of the grand ones and I intend to make these big too. So the word of the year 2023 is Mindfulness!

The intention of this year is to celebrate the small wins as we celebrate the bigger wins. The theme of 2023 is to add make mindfulness part of being, part of myself. The motto of 2023 is – Be Here Now!

What’s your motto of the year? Share in the comments below!

6 thoughts on “Word of the year – Mindfulness

  1. I hear you on the cold front, Nibha as I just shifted to Jammu from Gurgaon and am feeling the full blast of the winter here. But then I love the cold though snuggling down is always such a blessed luxury in winter and just the excuse to be lazy too 😉

    Lovely word and I hope it brings you the much-wanted sanity and peace of mind that you are looking for.
    shalini recently wrote…Girl, Woman, Other by Bernardine Evaristo | Book Review |My Profile

  2. We are also dealing with a cold weather here in Phoenix. This year it has become unusually cold and I am never seen without my comfy sweaters and blankets. 🙂
    Mindfulness is a fabulous choice, Nibha. We all need it, tons of it! 🙂
    Vinitha recently wrote…FICTION MONDAY – 134My Profile

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