Wrapping Up 2022!

Like a gift,
Did 2022 arrive.
Bringing with it,
many possibilities to thrive!

A new leaf turned,
When January did a slow crawl;
With brushes in our hands,
We threw new colors on the wall!

February defined the month of love,
and madness saw no end!
Relived the stories,
When caught up with an old friend.

Exploring history of the old city,
With March came some goodbyes;
Jumping into the world of games,
loosening the old corporate ties.

April was a month of feat,
taking big steps as a spouse;
We let the keys ring in,
The doorbell to our first house.

Amidst the hullaboo of celebrations,
May had the mountains calling;
Strolling down the quaint roads,
The tranquility was simply enthralling.

With travel far and close,
June had it coming;
Humming songs of childhood,
It was a month of homecoming.

Bringing in the new plants,
July seemed beautiful and green;
With Celebrations and hangovers,
We felt like a crazy teen.

August rains washed over,
As we followed the tiger trails;
In the middle of the jungle,
where only peace prevails.

With stories of forgotten days,
September brought much laughter;
When excitement filled the room,
Reunions were most sought after!

October was the month of joy,
And nothing felt wrong,
When we drove away the new car,
And the happiness tagged along!

November swept in breezy winds,
Unveiling the tales that would last;
Walked the lanes of his youth,
Listening to the souvenirs of the past!

Welcoming the winters of December,
We drove some extra miles;
Collecting splendid sunsets,
In our bag full of smiles!

Filled with love and adventure,
Twelve months just passed by;
With words of gratitude,
I sent a prayer up in the sky!

As a new chapter begins,
From the book of 2023,
May our lives be fulfilled,
with love, dreams and glee!

© Inking Expressions
31st December 2022.

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