The Next Step #NuptialNarratives

We all know there are many memorable moments in a marriage but then there are some moments which can be treated as defining moments of any marriage. Today was one of those days when we took the next step our marriage! No, there isn’t any good news on the way yet! But we’re quite happy nevertheless with the result. So, what we did is famously called as Spring Cleaning in the west!

What’s so special about today’s session of cleaning, you might wonder! As we all know, the onus of house cleaning and management falls on the woman of the house, whether working or not. I’m not here to burst any stereotypes. The story in our household isn’t very different from the other ones. I might occasionally get help for minor chores here or there based on his mood or when told explicitly. The house-help is my only escape.

So, the actual story is about this low-maintenance carpet demanding deep cleaning. We both love balconies of the high-rises, for the views and the breeze. But something nobody told us about the downsides of these beautiful experiences, the bird-poop, especially the pigeons’.

When we had moved in just before summers, this balcony was absolutely love at first sight. We set it up as our cozy hangout place with the grass carpet, plants, a little waterfall with some fairy lights. It was our dream, our pride. As soon as the winters approached, these birds started finding refuge in the houses that hadn’t installed pigeon nets. We aren’t the cold-hearted ones to shoo them away but the kindness for them turned into punishment for us. In just a few days, it wasn’t our cozy balcony anymore. No matter how regularly the house-help cleaned it, there would be another dump next morning. The pigeons have made the AC outdoor unit their home by now.

Months passed and the vision of the balcony wasn’t dreamy anymore. Each day would only make us sadder. The winters passed and the sun now shone more brightly. The birds seemed to have found new home and weren’t paying us anymore visits. Our balcony which was now deserted of both birds and plants, screamed for attention.

Unfortunately, the said escape herself escaped for a week, so the onus of this mammoth of a task fell upon me. The regular tasks don’t seem to be big deal but the trouble in paradise came when we couldn’t find a person good enough for the grass carpet cleaning. There was only one answer to this solution: DIY – Do It Yourself.

After hours of research and buying special tools, we took it upon us this weekend. This task made me realize one thing for sure. A couple may enjoy doing thousand things together, but cleaning isn’t one of those things, mostly. Doing things a couple likes, brings them closer for sure. But doing things you don’t like is the real challenge. Teaming up on this challenge, which might sound like a little one but was quite a huge one.

After a few hours, we conquered and rebuilt our dreamy balcony. The squeaky-clean balcony had won our hearts again. We looked at each other with pride in our eyes for doing this together. Our smiles were our victory. I was partly amused partly surprised how a little task like this brought us even closer, even if a little bit more. I guess this is what they say marriage is built up of, little moments, little tasks, little achievements, little challenges! A smile brightens up my face every time I glance towards the balcony today.

4 thoughts on “The Next Step #NuptialNarratives

  1. Cleaning is a task not much loved by the menfolk, as I have experienced. They need to be in the right mood for it and such moments are few and far between! But if you do manage to get your man to join you for some saaf safai, consider yourself lucky!
    Your balcony looks gorgeous after the makeover. 🙂

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