Glancing Through 2021

Another year passes by,
Like a roller-coaster ride,
With feelings of hopes and despair,
We let 2021 slide.

With January came in hopes,
Which new year brought with it,
Exploring around new places,
Dinner parties were a-lit.

Continued our road-trip saga,
Celebrating one year of togetherness,
In February, the month of love,
Happiness was all we could confess.

March brough in spring,
To home I flew,
Like an excited butterfly,
Finding the nature’s clue.

April painted a picture of gloom,
Bad news flowed through every town,
With Covid report saying Yes,
Virus took us too down.

Second wave crashed in May,
With another lock-down the world slowed,
Re-opening our recipe book,
We slowly walked the recovery road.

Gradually and cautiously the curbs lifted,
It sounded like a fair deal,
June took the life in first gear,
As I sat behind the wheel.

Like solving a mystery,
The house hunt began,
July month went by
And from the judgments we ran!

With showers of August,
We built a new nest,
Watching Dad retire,
Found a new name for zest!

Caught up with friends over lunch,
Or for the house-warmings,
September cuddled away,
As breezy nights turned into mornings.

With festivities all around,
October was a box of surprise,
We packed our bag of trips,
Which were blessings in disguise.

Calling in winters early,
Quietly November walked in.,
Friends got hitched
To the music of violin.

With bash came December,
Closing life’s another beautiful decade,
Explored life cycling through woods,
We let the peace invade.

In a jiffy, one more year left us,
And a decade wiser I grew,
With mix of all feelings,
Let the cocktail brew!

© Inking Expressions
31st December 2021

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