A Simple Wish

She stood there with her eyes transfixed, full of wishes that will never be fulfilled in her lifetime.
Go away you piece of rag and don’t block my customers“, shouted the owner, ignoring her wishful eyes.
He got up and took his usual order of chocolate brownie icecream from the counter thus walking out of the icecream parlor.
Take it“, he said with all the kindness but the five-year-old took it only after persistent convincing.
Her eyes which were full of sadness had lit up and her face that lacked smile now glowed with happiness!

Source: Google
Source: Google

Lillie McFerrin Writes

This post is written in response to Five Sentence Fiction prompt- Wishes


26 thoughts on “A Simple Wish

  1. How sweet!! It’s a very beautiful post!! Wish there were many kind people around- the world would be a better place to live in.

  2. A glum face of a child can be lit up with Ice-creams and chocolates and it is easy to cheer them up. Hope every poor girl gets to eat these goodies. a sweet write-up.

    1. Yes its easy to cheer up the little ones, but icecream indeed bring a smile on everyone’s face too 😀
      Thanks 🙂

  3. the shopkeeper did have a good heart then .. or was it someone else , I am confused now

    but never mind the little one got her ice cream and thats the big thingggggg

  4. Sweet of him ,and lucky her that she found him 🙂 at least one wish of hers is fulfilled. I’m sure she enjoyed the icecream as much as I enjoyed this story 🙂

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