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Hi Everyone!

You like letters?? I guess everyone does. If not writing them, then surely receiving them. Everyone still loves those handwritten letters no matter how far we have traveled with the technology. It makes us feel special. There is a special warmth in those letters that make us feel loved. So, for the love of these letters I decided to join in the 30 Letter series which I happen to stumble upon through Santulan’s blog. It instantly caught my fancy. But the idea of committing myself to writing a letter each day of the month was quite uninviting. So, i simply decided to bend the rules a little and made it A Letter A Week. A reachable goal.

So I want to invite you all to join in this challenge and have some fun! Will you board the Train of Letters??

SO let’s get started with the first letter. Letter to Your Best Friend.

Dear Best Friend,

                            Here comes another letter to you. 😛 I know you love getting them as much as I love writing them. However the count of letters doesn’t matter because there’s always the same thing written in them, perhaps the same words if you might match them 😛 

I won’t start with those formal pleasantries because I know we don’t need them. We straight away start out chatter or gossip 😉 

We talk almost daily but as the Life intervenes this daily chit-chat is often lost but the faith still stays there that no matter what, you will always be there. There’s a voice deep inside that says that you are  just a call away, that whenever I might need help you will always be there with a listening ear, a helping hand and a smiling face. 🙂 There is just no doubt about it. This I speak not to boast about you but I speak of it with experience. You have been there and seen me at my worst when I hid my face from the world. You helped me come out of my shell and encouraged me to follow my dreams. You literally forced me out of my cocoon. You have been there when I wanted to be alone, silently listening to my unsaid words. And You were also there when came running back to you to share my little victories, you were right there to celebrate with me. For all those moments I can just thank God that He sent an angel in my life and that is YOU. These words won’t be able to show you what I want to write, But this poem might:

You warned me against the dangers I couldn’t see,

What would I do without you beside me.


When I was upset your calls at night,

Against the uncertainties your  holding on tight.


You always knew the words I left unspoken,

The promises you made were never broken.


You knew the reason behind my tears

Helped me to fight my worst fears.


When I was lonely you held my hand,

You left the footprints on my heart of sand.


You told me that I needed to hear,

“Accept your faults and failures

Rejoice the Qualities you bear”


Our never-ending talks,

Our never-tiring walks,

These are moments of fun,

That I will forever cherish,

Our friendship is a treasure of smiles

I hope it will never perish

Whenever you need me, my dear friend,
I will be there..

You know how sentimental I get and how tough it gets for me to end a letter once I start writing it! There might be so many things I still haven’t said. May be next time in the next letter perhaps. 

For now, Take care.

Loads of Love.. <3




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We all have someone who knows us inside out. So just write a letter to them and make them feel special. It will surely make them smile. I just did. 🙂

Post in your letters here before Next Monday..


20 thoughts on “Dear Best Friend || 30 Letter Series

  1. U explained the friend fully,nothing to
    Unexplained.Today world Love of letter
    gave me cause/reasons to rejoice
    fantastic way.good letter for every lover of

  2. sigh… throughout my mbbs days, I used to write letters to a dear friend across the seas: one every month for 5 years. It was like my own diary… I would reveal my deepest fears and best times in those letters. It feels so sad to think that we’ve moved on in our lives , especially when now we could be together at the stroke of a button, thanks to the net.
    I don’t if people today realise the sentimental value of a handwritten letter.

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