Little Lessons #Teacher’s Day

India is celebrating Teacher’s Day today. Celebrating the spirit of teachers and recognizing the importance of teachers in our lives. But are the teachers who taught in our school and colleges,the only teachers in our life to whom we should be grateful?? Think again!! What about the person who taught us who to walk? The person who taught how to speak? And person who taught us the lessons of tolerance and patience? There are so many people in our life who teach us Life’s Little Lessons. Just let us take sometime to thanks all these teachers of our life.

Mom: For Teaching us to love and care selflessly.

Dad: For teaching us have faith in our abilities and face all the troubles with courage.

Siblings: For teaching us the patience to deal with all that nonsense. (Seriously that this lesson helps so much 😛 )

Cousins: They are God-given friends to teach the basics of family bonding.

BFFs and Friends: For teaching us the real meaning of friendship, to teach us to be there with each other no matter what.

Success: For teaching us that there is always a reward for hard-work, patience and perseverance.

Failures: For teaching us that we can’t get all what we want and if we truley want it than path won’t be easy.

Troubles and Sorrows: For teaching us that Life will throw us problems unexpectedly and we will have to deal with it.

Happiness: For teaching us that Life isn’t fair but it’s still beautiful. 🙂 😉


These are just the little  reminders that there’s so much to learn from everything in life if we really want to. Everything around us teaches us something or the other! Mountains, rivers, clouds, butterflies, Sun, Winds…. you name it and it will teach us something for sure..

To everyone and everything that teaches us Life’s Little Lessons:


Who or what are the greatest teachers of your life?? Share it with us..


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  1. Life experiences… they have been the biggest teachers in my life, making me learn without any prior warning at times. It is a tough lesson but it has changed me from a chocolate boy to a hardened soul who can face anything…

  2. Yes, these are our best teachers. And as Roshan said life experiences too. And ultimately, the real teacher is that one inside each one of us who in a way tells us what to make of all that we have experienced, seen, observed and heard. Thanks Nibha for this beautiful post.

  3. Teachers play an important role in guiding the growth and development of a child. Starting from learning the alphabets in nursery school, a child develops the skills in reading, writing and arithmetic

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