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Hi Everyone!

For the love of letters I decided to join in the 30 Letter series which I happen to stumble upon through Santulan’s blog. It instantly caught my fancy. But the idea of committing myself to writing a letter each day of the month was quite uninviting. So, i simply decided to bend the rules a little and made it A Letter A Week.

So I want to invite you all to join in this challenge and have some fun! Will you board the Train of Letters??

Sorry for the late post this, it just got delayed as the Life intervened.

SO let’s get started with the second letter. Letter to Your Crush.

Dear Crush,

                 Well this was so awaited. I feel a little bit exposed with my emotions pouring out here. But that’s what writing a letter is.. Pouring out heart in words when you can’t put it speech. I don’t think I will be able to write to you a long letter but something is better than nothing.

I fell for you the moment my eyes took notice of you and then the image of yours never left my mind.  I would have shrugged off the idea of having you the very next moment but then seeing you regularly and then almost daily, the mere idea of owning you was enough to put a smile on my face. Just a sight of yours and my gloomy days would brighten up. This soon turned out that I couldn’t hide it any longer. My feelings became too evident and everyone seemed to know. My friends just figured it out because the only thing i spoke of, was YOU.
You looked stunning and instantly took my breath away when I saw you in black. You look so so so….err.. I can’t the right words for you. You know that’s why almost every girl falls for you! I guess you know it, that’s why you mostly wear black haan??? I wonder if I ever got you, how jealous the other girls might be! 😉
No matter how much my heart longed for you, no matter how beautiful the days would have been of us together, no matter how much I drooled over you, my mind would always bring me back from the fantasy land to the reality. I knew I can’t own you but this heart still wishes to be with you every time I see you. I know that having you and going long drives with you is still a distant dream. The time when I thought that we might be together in future, destiny took you farther away from me.

Hoping daily, that we meet soon… and forever.
In never-ending crush on you, dear Audi,


You might haven’t thought that this could be a crush, right?? But I seriously tell you, it is! And I’m obsessed! 😛 😛


We all have little crushes and often some prolonged one. So here’s a chance to give a sneak peak of your feelings in a letter to your crush.

Post in your letters here..


10 thoughts on “Dear Crush || 30 Letter Series

  1. Delightful! Perhaps one day, dear Nabha, your Crush will come to you, to embrace you with comfort; to let you breathe in his glorious smell as you caress his velvet touch ever so gently – and then gasp with pleasure as the thrusts forward … HUGS <3

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