Dear Life

Dear Life,

I know we have not been in touch for a long while now. If you have not been easy on me, I have not been good to you either. Though I know you haven’t been that harsh to me, yet I have always blamed you and your friend Fate for everything little thing that went wrong. Little time did I take out to thank you for the otherwise little blessings you showered me with. But today is not a day to be sad and grumpy. It’s a day of happiness and celebration.

Have I said thank you yet? for what? For all the happiness that you have sent my way lately and otherwise. For making going through the dark tunnel a little easier by sending rays of hope from the other side. For secretly holding my hand when I kept on cursing you for all the hardships that I had to endure and also when I forgot to be grateful for the beautiful little things that came my way. Thank you for everything. You have not been that bad after all..

As you know, recently we have completed 25 years of our partnership. A partnership that had its own moments of sweetness and bitterness. As I sit idly and look back upon our journey together, I can’t help but smile what all had conspired all these years and turned me into what I am today. Yes, there are still regrets that reside somewhere in the deep corners of my heart but I think now I have made peace with them.. they still do hurt sometimes and i think they always will.. but I have accepted the fact that nothing can change those decisions rather new decisions can still be made and path not taken then can still be traced. I look forward for your cooperation this time. Let’s do something. it’s been too long I changed around a few things, isn’t it?.. too much listening to this stupid over-thinking mind, you think? I guess .. let’s ditch it and call in Heart to have its way this time for the next quarter of life?

15 thoughts on “Dear Life

  1. I don’t know if word “Superb” would do the justice to this blog… May be Suberbessst to start with… Subtract the over thinking and multiply the joy in every moment…

  2. Welcome nibha with your calibre of Pen & Ink charged with your emotions,thoughts of words.
    I enjoyed a lot every time to read your expressions….of times…

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