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Hi Everyone!

For the love of letters I decided to join in the 30 Letter series which I happen to stumble upon through Santulan’s blog. It instantly caught my fancy. But the idea of committing myself to writing a letter each day of the month was quite uninviting. So, i simply decided to bend the rules a little and made it A Letter A Week.

So I want to invite you all to join in this challenge and have some fun! Will you board the Train of Letters??

My apologies for having skipped a letter last week. So let’s get started with the fourthΒ letter. Letter to Sibling/Closest Relative.

Dear Little Sis,

Hey little sis! I hope everything is fine there at home. You must be enjoying at home while here I miss all the perks of being at home. πŸ™ Ok, fine you might be not enjoying with never-ending syllabus of your upcoming boards,Β but aren’t they due in March? So, why so worried from now! It’s just October darling! You have so much time at hand! Remember, slow and steady wins the race πŸ˜‰ And we all know you will conquer them very well, just beΒ confident and have faith, things will surely go your way.

Remember I say it again, just be confident. There’s isn’t much time when you walk out on the road for journey of life to chase your dreams. Confidence is the first thing that will come in handy. Got it?? So, no more stressing and cribbing about it. As the topic of dreams have come, I ask you to think of them and fix your eyes on them right from the start. I know for now time seems to be going too slow for you but just a few years down the line you will wonder how fast the time flew by. Utilize it when you have it.

I might have started to bore you by now. So let’s end elder Sister’s boring lectures. How’s life? I mean the life apart from your studies. Yes enjoy that too. Squeeze out time to enjoy the time while it lasts. These times won’t come back again. Trust me on that! I look back and see all the moments as memories I created years back. I feel so old after a minute’s glance of the good old happy days. It still seems like yesterday when going to school daily was a burden and now today when even the college is ending, I wish I could stop time even if I can’t go back.

Seems like this letter made me nostalgic. I think I should stop before tears starts flowing. Anyways have fun and enjoy life.

P.S.- Save me some chocolates when I am away. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

<3 **Hugs and Kisses** <3

Love you so much!! Miss you πŸ™

With loads of Love,



How cute we look together year back?? Don't we? :P
How cute we look together year back?? Don’t we? πŸ˜›

Have a sibling and it’s been time since you last wrote to them. Write it now! πŸ™‚

Post in your letters here..


5 thoughts on “Dear Sibling || 30 Letter Series

  1. As the oldest sister in the family I can relate to the spirit of this letter, Nibha! It is actually fun at times to be able to motivate and calm down younger siblings, but at times it can also feel like a burden πŸ™‚ Lovely letter!

  2. Try as much we elder sisters end up preaching to the young ones no? πŸ˜‰ Lovely letter, made me think of my sis! Cute photo of the two of you! πŸ™‚

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