The Loyal Friend

Source: Google
Source: Google

Marie entered the park like always.
Her little Puppy Tom to her company.
She always had him to play with, to share her joys and sorrows.
He saw her play everyday.
He envied her for her loyal friend, because he never had one in sixty years.

Source: Google
Source: Google

Lillie McFerrin Writes

This post has been written in response to Five Sentence Fiction – Envy


14 thoughts on “The Loyal Friend

  1. Great short story but oh so sad. I hope someone is able to befriend the man – the dog perhaps? 😉 <3

  2. Quiet heartfelt!
    Well, yeah.. it`s hard to be with lonesomeness for life but, sometimes, being alone`s good. I happen to know, life has many faces to show you. It depends which face you choose to see cause, the life has always plan-B that can never be replaced with plan-A. And, what`s Plan-A and… B? Plan-A=”Choices”, Plan-B=”Options”.
    So, yeah… sometimes.. life wants us to see what our thoughts never bring to our hands–The Peace.

    Very deep and insightful post i`ve read today. I always like reading such pieces where writer gives some value to emotions. There`s too many people living around their loneliness holding tears true to their moist eyes so, yeah… this blog could be a remedy for their hearts to know… that a soul`s always alone, no matter what. It comes alone, it flies away of the world alone but in between that the activities it does ain`t made to be negotiated by heart but yea… beloved for the sake of nights.

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