The Imperfect Celebrations

Yesterday was a day for the celebration of friendship. Though many disagree with the fact that the celebration of anything as pure as friendship should be restricted to just one day, yet there are many who don’t let go of any occasion to celebrate.
I also had gone out for celebration with my family but for a different reason altogether. Yesterday happened to be my dad’s birthday as well. It had been a long time since we had a dined out so we thought of giving mom a break from her kitchen duty.
There aren’t many places in the city to experiment so we always go out to our favourite restaurants only no matter how boring it gets. You can say these are the disadvantages of a comparative smaller city (and area is not the parameter of comparison here πŸ˜› ). Traffic was on it’s peak and it seemed every bunch of friends was out on the road. But this wasn’t enough to get on our nerves. We were just on the way for our destination and it started pouring down heavily. Grr! Not-so-well maintained roads, heavy rain, add to it perfectly imperfect driving sense of the localites here and you know what must have been our plight at that moment.
All our favourite hangouts were occupied and since we have conveniently forgotten about reserving a table for ourselves, we had no where to go. To save ourselves the agony of going back home and cooking, mom reminded us of a new outlet that had been declared open a month ago. We were happy to check out a new place. It was a franchise of a national chain of sweets shop and restaurants. Parking was a challenge but dad did manage to find out a way.
We were lucky to find ourselves a seat in literally no time seeing to the crowd that filled the restaurant. Ah! Let me tell you these self-serve food joints aren’t on my list of favourites, and that’s because of the total mismanagement that follows if you happen to reach there during peak hours, and I am not even mentioning the widely celebrated occasions. Yes, if you get the picture, that’s exactly was the scene there. I felt like escaping the place no sooner did we place our order.
Meanwhile what happened, it’s a different story altogether. Crying babies, shouting kids, soft instrumental music lost to the chatter and laughter of a few celebrating friends, people waiting for the table and gawking at you as you gobble up your food… This is just a hint of it, rest is left to your imagination. After waiting for almost half an hour, our hungry tummies found food. Now, we literally thanked God that the quality of the food wasn’t compromised over quantity. You can say that yesterday the quote,Β Patience is a virtue, defined itself again for us.
They say, All’s well that ends well. I guess it true. We got back home and tucked into the ice cream tub we had picked up on the way back. And that ended our little imperfect celebration for the day.

birthday dad
Dad’s Birthday Celebrations

Sometimes things that make you happy may be a little imperfect!!!

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12 thoughts on “The Imperfect Celebrations

  1. That’s life not just for you but for all of us…imperfect and real! Glad to know that you all had a good time in spite of everything!

  2. Me too don’t like self-service joints.. There’s lot of chaos in them..
    But glad that you tried a new restaurant and it turned out well.. and good that you got another name added to your list of places πŸ™‚


  3. belated wishes to your Dad πŸ˜€ I too don’t like crowded restaurants.. specially when you are with family. But glad it all went well πŸ™‚

  4. Belated Birthday Wishes to your Paa..that’s such a cute hand made card. Time with family is the best. Glad you were all together and enjoyed πŸ™‚

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