Being Different

Is it easy being different? No, it’s not! Whether it’s the difference in your personality or in your thinking or in your actions; it’s never even close to easy. People think being different is being difficult as in go to left when everyone is going right, deliberately. They think that being different is a deliberate attempt to shut out the possibilities to new experiences. They think being different is stubbornness to resist change that life offers. They say change and comfort zone never go hand in hand. Well, I do agree on the last point but I say, can we really change ourselves in what we are at the core? May be some people say yes, but don’t you think that change is almost always artificial, always for the people around you and not for yourself and the moment you are back with yourself you go back being what you are really are. That’s simply because some hard wired qualities are meant to be with us forever.
Having said that, it doesn’t mean I haven’t changed at all. Having stepped out of home more than six years back, I have changed a lot, and I indeed welcomed that change. It came at a slow and steady peace and I accepted it. I accepted it for myself, not for anyone else. I never thought I would have changed so much but I did. But I had never let these changes change me at what I am different. I still don’t go with the flow of the crowd. I still don’t agree just to agree. I still feel out of place for having different thoughts and opinions. But I guess it’s OK to be so, it keep you happy inside. Though it did hurt at the moment but later I was happy with my differences. At least I didn’t change to please others.

What does it mean to you to be different from the rest? Is it easy? What challenges do you face daily?

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12 thoughts on “Being Different

  1. To me it means just don’t agree blindly (yesmanship) on what people say…your differing perspective might open up the eyes of all. There are other aspects too in which this can be applied!

  2. Being different isn’t easy at all…But we are all different from each other…Sometimes it’s hard to resist the change, the pressure to follow the herd but if you can resist it because you are comfortable with it then you have a lot of things figured out…I’d like to think that way and yes I try and resist any change that I’m not comfortable with..not for anyone else but for myself!

  3. I agree with Naba.. all of us different from each other in some or the other ways, yet we need to come out from the herd and shine for ourselves. Change in ourselves in inevitable. Everyday we encounter so many things, learn so much from our surroundings and imbibe things which makes sense to us. What I am today is what I used to be a year back.. so yeah, the time brings lots of things along with it..

    The post is intriguing.. I think all us will be having some or the other perspective on this..


  4. Haha! I’m the king of being different, Nibhz. But then again, you knew that 🙂
    I guess a different perspective is always necessary in order to make sure we progress. We needn’t agree with it, but at least it makes us think.

  5. Good one, Nibha. 🙂

    I believe that the focus should be more on staying true to oneself. If that means you are part of the crowd, so be it. If that translates to being different, that should be fine too. What say?

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