Cycling By The Seaside #MumbaiMemoirs

It’s early Sunday morning rather deep Saturday night when the alarm goes off breaking into your dreams and pull you out to reality. Well, nobody would want this I know but exactly this happened this last Sunday. Almost in the dead of the night I got up with groggy eyes but nobody heard me complaining. Why? Because I have been bit by this adventure bug recently and this was just another chapter waiting to be written for this year’s motto. So what was I up to in the middle of the night when almost everyone slept away the Saturday to Sunday morning? Cycling! Yes, call me crazy but it is!

Okay, let’s rewind a little. It all started a month back when I noticed a cycling event being organized through Facebook. But that particular weekend I was rather busy to sign up for it. But the idea stuck with me and I started bugging my colleagues about it. To my surprise I found a few who were also interested in the idea and we kick started the plan. The plan spread from colleagues to my friends, their friends and then friends of friends. Finally, on the day of the event, we were thirteen of us who made it to our meeting point at Charni Road, south of Mumbai.

We tested our cycles and rented one each for the duration of the event. Meanwhile we also learned that we weren’t the only set of crazy people. Other than ours, there were more than hundred cycles on the roads too! Phew! After the initial introductions were over, we figured out our route. It was decided on the general consensus that we would cycle from the Start Point (The Cycle shop at Charni Road) to Nariman Point and then from there taking a U-turn we would cycle beside the sea side all the way to Worli Seaface. Further, after resting there we would cycle our way back to our Start Point. It was overwhelming at first, to cycle around for more than 20km didn’t seem to be an easy task now.

map cycle

Initially I was surprised by the amount of cars and bikes that still ruled the roads at this dead hour of the night. The sight at marine drive with so many people sitting there and enjoying the waves, was the one of the most surprising one. Indeed, this city never slept. If I had any doubts about it until now, they just evaporated in thin air. Taking breaks after every 2-3 km, we chatted and teased and enjoyed the adventure. Sometimes we would cycle fast and take over each other and other times we would pedal slowly, taking in the cool breeze hitting our face. As some more time elapsed, the crowd thinned and morning walkers emerged. Seriously this city never stopped.
marine drive
As we covered the path we had chalked out, there were scenes that my heart captured forever. The cycling by the marine drive and taking in the beautiful and famous sight of Queen’s Necklace. The cars zooming past us. The serene beauty of sea waves crashing the rocky shores. The thrill of the empty roads. The causal gossips and the intellectual talks in the wee hours. A sip of coke and a bite of chips to subside the morning hunger pangs. The search of water to wet our parched throats. The struggle to ascend the steep slopes then sliding effortlessly through the descends. The breaking of dawn as we neared our destination. The rise of the sun bidding adieu to darkness as we drove back home with droopy eyes. The flashback of these memories and the smile on the face as we stepped back to dreamland in the morning.IMG-20160605-WA0054

Sunday went by fast and the weekdays filled in but the memories remained afresh. I guess the memories like these makes one fall in love with city all the more, again and again. Because, there are always a few unique moments and experiences that a city can offer like no other.  By far, this was one of my most memorable times in this city. I hope many more to come.

Have you ever done something like this? What was the latest adventure you had?


24 thoughts on “Cycling By The Seaside #MumbaiMemoirs

  1. Beautiful. 🙂 Hope you find so many more memories like this to share. I don’t know if I’d have been able to complete the course. 😀 Sleep creeps up on me so suddenly at that time.

    1. Thanks for reading Vinay! 🙂 And also for encouraging me to write this post.
      This was one of the most memorable day in Mumbai. Yes, I also had thought that sleep would be an issue but it wasn’t. With the thrill seeping in, sleep took a quick exit! 😀

  2. So much fun Nibha. Must have been awesome and I would love to do something like this. I cycle to my yoga classes and though it’s a short distance and a bit of traffic, it’s fun. I love it. I am happy you are making memories. I remember when I had first started working, we did lots of fun things in Bangalore. These are the memories you want to look back 10 years from today. Enjoy!

    When you get time, read this – VT walked 100kms with his team and I was a part of support crew. It’s one adventure that tops all charts for me 🙂

    1. Thanks Parul! This indeed was fun. “Explore. Experience. Enrich.” is my this year’s theme and I’m trying to live upto that. These memories make quartet life a bit more bearable I say! 😛

      Will surely read it soon! 🙂

  3. This sounds so good, Nibha. Though l have personally not done it, l can see how exhilarating it must be. Yes, Bombay never sleeps. I love the safety of it.

  4. it sounds so exciting and adventurous. I love such events … keeps you fit and also you can make new friends 😀 In my case, it’s usually I who would shepherd all my friends and make them go on coastal walks 😛

    1. Coastal walks! Wow!! Seems interesting! It’s kind of same with me, need to bug everyone until they agree on my silly ideas! 😛

  5. Wow this must be awesome.. beautiful to do it around marine drive. I have only been an early morning walker/ jogge here.. never tried cycling.

  6. Hello Nibha, 20kms by cycle…hats off you guys. I was a part of midnight Marine drive crowd once so I am not surprised. I was real fun. Listening to the waves when there is a silence around is meditating. Mumbai made me fall in love with it. Thanks for sharing.

  7. That sure must have been one hell of an experience Nibha. And Mumbai, it’s amazing. The moment I read about it, my mind automatically starts wondering on the streets and on Marine drive and what not!
    I’m sure you had great adventure then..

    Here’s to many more to come 🙂


  8. wow! sounds like you had an awesome experience! 🙂
    I love cycling and it’s been years I rode a cycle the last time; I think I need to get hold of one soon 🙂

  9. Nibha, I used to love cycling as a kid and even rekindled my love for it when I was in college. Later on when my kids got their bikes, I used to steal rides from them. Your post brought back happy memories. I was born in Colaba, Mumbai, and lived in Mumbai for 28 years before moving out. I could visualize you going on the Marine drive, worli sea face, Charni road. Love the city and the enthusiasm of its people. Loved reading your post.

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