Thank You 2016!

2016. May be one of the years I won’t ever forget for reasons both good and bad. No matter how desperately I was waiting for this year to end, the last of it quite just flew by and left me with a strange feeling as if it wasn’t just a year I was leaving behind but much more than that. I wouldn’t say that this year had been the best one or was kind to me but this year is surely the one I would never forget. It taught me things that cannot be unlearnt. It gave me experiences and people which changed my perspective towards life in ways more than one. It gave me memories that would be cherished a lifetime because I will hold on to them as long as I can. However it had been during the 12 months, it ended on a good note for sure. Let’s a take a glance at each of the month and what it added to my life.


Starting the year with fun,
And a new place to own,
After months, at home I rejuvenated life,
While a bestie got herself a new title of wife.


It was a month for parent’s visit,
Kalagodha Art Festival was a big hit,
There was unlimited fun to mention,
Unannounced fractured hand asked for immediate attention.


Tending to the broken arm,
Spent the month with mother’s charm,
Killed the time with content writing spree,
My baby blog had then turned Three.


Being alone taught a new lesson of independence,
Blogging for a month again was no hindrance,
Meeting Chef Icon at a bloggers’ meet,
Attending a Ted Talk was surely a soul-treat.


Kabir Cafe was the first musical concert,
Evening at Juhu was a solace to the heart,
Strolling with new friends was surely a delight,
Unbeatable was the Marine drive’s sight.


Peace was cycling by the seaside,
Daman trip was the happiness I couldn’t hide,
A month long laughter filled the sky,
Goodbye ended it with tears and a sigh!


A little trip back home did the trick,
Time was now for some fun and picnic,
And visit to friend’s was enough for a grin,
But it was then when the trouble did begin.


With Kanheri Caves heart did gladden,
The awaited best-friends trip to Matheran did happen,
With a little patience and help, the trouble did fade,
A year of corporate culture was well played.


New month and festivities did start,
Various Pandals displayed the work of art,
Minutes turned into hours into days,
Life moved on in various beautiful ways.


Month changed and so did the festivals,
Celebrations continued after repeated intervals,
In between the darkness happiness did arrive,
A little escapade also did thrive.


Collection of paintings
Afters years I saw my colors still waiting,
It was finally time for drawing , sketching and painting,
Every weekend it was a new guest,
Life was now finally at its best.


With overwhelming surprises my face did glow,
Parties and Gifts were quietly in tow,
To its own domain, my blog made its way,
Completing a quarter of life, it was my birthday.

So somewhere it was surely not the worst if not the best year of my life. It was a year of lessons and happiness alike. Just the way life is, balancing out itself at every turn.


How was your 2016?

5 thoughts on “Thank You 2016!

  1. I loved this poetic journey of last year. What a fabulous and fun filled time you had, except for the fractured arm, which I hope is a lot better now. Loved those artwork. Wish you a fabulous year ahead

  2. It was indeed a balanced year I must say. You have had holidays, and some lovely events attended. Ofcourse the broken arm in March isn’t really a nice big to happen. But surely looking at the broader picture the year has been smooth. Wishing u the best year in 2017.

  3. Wow! You have succinctly and artistically summed up your year so well. I know 2016 was kind of crazy for most of us. Well, it’s 2017 now. Smile 🙂

    Congrats on the move to self hosted by the way.
    Sid recently wrote…16 . . . going on 17My Profile

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