The Choice of Courage

“What! You quitting!? How?”
“Hell no! You can’t do this! This is a great risk”
“Why would you even think of doing that. You have a well settled career. You have so much potential, you can reach great heights.”
“But this is not the right time. Get married and then do whatever you want with your life.”
“How will you fund your expenses?”
“You want to give up everything that you did all these years just for this silly dream of yours which gives you no guarantee whatsoever.”
“You have gone crazy, girl. You will realize later the depth of your decision.”
“What plan do you have in mind? How will this help you?
And the questions kept on pouring on her like the Mumbai rains refusing to stop. She was still contemplating her decision of this much awaited career switch and these were the reactions of her friends and family alike. She dared enough to even think about it but nobody dared enough to support her without first satisfying his/her set of questions. Nobody blindly trusted her instincts and gave her what she needed the most at that time- unflinching faith in her capabilities. Everyone just saw her successful in being self-sufficient for these two years, but nobody watched her complain about the sleepless nights this self-sufficiency was giving her or shine of her eyes that was slowly dying focusing on the screen in front of her. Money matters, but more than peace? She always wondered.
It wasn’t that these weren’t the questions her mind would ask her heart but as always heart wants what it wants; and mostly it’s what you need to be at peace. After much calculations and getting a few unhappy figures, she still gave in taking the biggest risk of her life. She decided to give up everything and start from the scratch and see where this road less traveled took her. What’s a life without a little big risk.
Life with a few failures is better than the life with regrets, she decided having lived with the regret of not having enough courage for this risk some eight years ago. If you can’t thinking about it don’t stop working for it, she had read somewhere. And after all these years, she knew this is what she wanted and this was her calling. This was the time she could have her chance at her dreams once again, not many people get a second chance at the life they want. Will she be successful or not, she wasn’t sure of either but she knew she won’t know this until she gave this a chance. If you don’t try you already fail so better give it a try, you might succeed.

All the inspiration quotes were working their magic on her as she signed her resignation letter and filled in the application form for her dreams. It wasn’t easy for her and nights after nights went into questioning herself but she still jumped into the unknown ocean taking a leap of faith which might take her anywhere. It’s never easy as she thought about getting up and walking out of the comfort zone but a little or sometimes a lot of courage is all that you need.
And since that day she made it her motto:

Choose Courage over Comfort.

Rest everything else figures out. Like the questions of people died down soon and they held her hand as she started to walk on a new path, the path of her dreams.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge

Prompt: You can choose courage, or you can choose comfort, but you cannot choose both – Brené Brown.

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25 thoughts on “The Choice of Courage

  1. Well done! Happy for her. Courage over comfort is always a harder but more satisfying choice. So glad you took this brave step, keep walking proudly on your chosen path. All will fall into place, if not already 🙂

  2. Sometimes, the decisions aren’t accepted by people around. If our heart accepts it and wants it badly, it might be the sign that says you’re on the right track, even if it’s a longer one. 🙂

  3. We just need to have faith in ourselves, our capabilities, and have patience. If success has to come, it will! If not, we can always find another way to succeed! Courage is what will help us in our journey!

  4. Every change is a big risk but then the heart wants what it wants!! So glad she had the guts to make this decision for only she knows what her life is like at present and what it could be like in future.

  5. The doubters always have their doubts. As long as we have the courage to do what we want, it’s okay. Comfort is only going to take us so far, but courage can really be a lifter. Nicely written!

  6. Any important decision requires grit and courage. And generally people around us discourage us if they feel that it’s difficult to be successful by taking a new different route less travelled. However success always follows if you follow your dreams courageously.

  7. I think if Taylor Swifts song…might sound kiddish… but truly haters gonna hate, doubters going to doubt and so on.

  8. Ah! I can so relate to it! It is what i have faced with even a miss of a single point you discussed in this post. And the Irony is i do not feel regret about my decision as i read this post of yours and it makes me even more happy!

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