The Trepidation

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Million thoughts
Countless words
Running through my mind
Quizzing problems
Troubling questions
Where are the answers I will find?

Shouting noises
Judging opinions
Not even one that I can hear
Faint heartbeat
Little inner voice
That I find sounds unclear

Pitch dark or,
Glowing bright,
Future is setting up the alarm
Am I ok,
Am I ready,
To embrace it with open arms?

Path be narrow or,
Road be wide
In the darkness like a guiding light,
Tie my fear(s)
Free my dreams
Walk with me holding me tight.

 © Inking Expressions
16th December, 2018

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7 thoughts on “The Trepidation

  1. Such a beautiful poem, Nibhz. I can relate to that first couple of verses a lot. So many questions to ask myself and so many voices trying to oversee my inner voice. It feels tiring when that happens, doesn’t it?

  2. Forget the noises, switch of the those fast moving thoughts, and you will find your path ahead:) Well just my thought in response to ours:))… Great going NIbha, and get back to writing more poetry !

  3. You have beautifully expressed the battle going on within .. Amazingly crafted words . U have a bright future . Welldone !

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