Tale Of Unmade Rooms – Chapter 4 #BarAThon

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“… This was not the part of the plan.. I swear it wasn’t..  I loved you like no one else.. I would have gone to four corners of the world to make you happy.. things got out of hand and I didn’t know what to do.. I just wish you’ll forgive me for this.. will you forgive me Ch..”

“John?”, Neil knocked his manager’s cabin when he heard his muffled voice saying something but there was no one else in the room.

“Yea.. Yeah.. Come in”, John replied, quickly hiding away Cherry’s picture under the files on his desk. He gathered himself for the visitor.

“Angela is here for the statement. I thought it would be wise if you overlooked the procedure”, Neil requested his manager’s presence.

“Yes sure, I’ll just come”, he said, letting out a brief sigh.


Tears again resurfaced as soon as Angela got in the cab for home. She desperately wanted to be alone. She missed Mia, she had wanted her to come along when Neil had replied in negative. Mia was not only a good friend but also her only secret keeper. She needed her now more than ever.

“Here”, Neil offered her his kerchief.

Angela had totally forgotten about his presence in the car. He had insisted on dropping her back home. He couldn’t just let her land into any trouble.

The policemen have been harsh with her with their questions. Though she managed to prove herself that it wasn’t her who had visited Christopher’s room after midnight but the evidence was not in her favour. Apart from the hazy camera recording, police had acquired an apron from the room having her initials on it. She, of course, didn’t remember leaving them there. Neil had jumped in to save the day for her and told them that they had been together and Angela didn’t want anyone to know hence she was hiding it. He was grateful that Angela had played along the trick but he hadn’t missed her expression of anger and embarrassment at the same time.

As Angela kept mum throughout the ride, lost in her own thoughts. Neil couldn’t help but wonder her involvement in the situation. But he was sure it wasn’t Angela on the camera. She was always too punctual to leave after her duty and would never miss her routine dinner at the orphanage service near her house. After which she would always go home.

“We’ve reached”, Angela nudged him gently. Without inviting him in, she quickly faded behind the door.

She was indeed acting strange, he thought. The more he thought about it, the more complex the equation became.

But the camera hadn’t shown her leaving the hotel that evening, to which she said she had left through the kitchen backdoor in a hurry. It suddenly occurred to him as an afterthought.

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PROMPT- Four Corners of The World
THEME- Chase

6 thoughts on “Tale Of Unmade Rooms – Chapter 4 #BarAThon

  1. aah..the plot thickens.. by now I am suspecting every single character in this story!!! and definitely the mysterious cherry.

  2. It’s nice to read you after such a long time, Nibha! This is a gripping story and I’m so curious to know what happens next. Don’t you disappear again!

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