Tale Of Unmade Rooms – Chapter 5 #BarAThon

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Give me Five!” shouted Mia in excitement. 

Angela grinned, still being in the arms of the love of her life. All her dreams have realized and she couldn’t believe it herself.

“Oh, Angi! I can’t wait to attend your wedding!”  Mia was always known to keep excitement unhidden. 

“Yes of course. You’ll be my Maid of Honour after all”, Angela said walking towards her best friend now.

Mia ran towards her and hugged her tight. “I’m so happy for you”, she whispered in her best friend’s ear, and a lone tear of happiness escaped. 

“Miaaaaa!” Angela voice from the kitchen brought her back to the present.

“Yes, I’m here in your room”, she answered back.

Angela came in and noticed her best friend sitting on the edge of her bed, holding the photo frame in her hand which had their photo and a secret hidden. She took it away from her hand and held it. She saw that Mia had been looking at the hidden photo.

She looked at her and said,” It’s done. It’s finally over now. Just the way you always wanted it to be.”

Mia looked at her blankly, “Angela..”, words left her. This was not how she has wanted it to be.

Angela spoke after a while, “How long did you know about this?”

Mia took back the photo from her and spoke gently, “Angela, I’m your best friend. I know. Did you forget, I was the one who clicked this photograph when Christopher had proposed to you that day. It was a dream come true for you, and I was a part of it. I haven’t seen you that happy ever before or after that.”

Angela wasn’t aware that Mia had known this secret too. To her, this was the last link to her lost happiness. The faded photo was now just a painful memory. She hugged Mia tightly, not knowing what to say.

Old memories had suddenly pierced old wounds. She remembered how angry Mia had been when Christopher had left her suddenly for no reason and had later announced his engagement with Cherry. She had even sworn to kill him if she could, that was her anger.  It was just one year into stardom and Angela who had been his life all through his struggle was nowhere to share the success. But one thing she was always grateful for, or rather hurt at times she couldn’t decide that Christopher hid all their relationship so well that even media couldn’t dig into it. She led a peaceful life without those prying eyes, but did she?

Neil’s text distracted their attention.

Christopher died due to poisoned wine. Autopsy reports are out. More details later. 

She glanced at her phone and then looked away out of the window.

“Does he now deserve a chance?” asked Mia, tentatively, knowing may be that this wasn’t best of the times to ask this.

“Maybe”, she said continuing to look at the lone flower of the tree outside the window.


“The way he saved me from the cops today during the investigation interview, I think he’s worth a chance”, she said, winking at Mia. Smiles followed both the faces that was only meant to be understood by the best friends.

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PROMPT- Give Me Five!
THEME- Chase

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