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Hi Everyone!

For the love of letters I decided to join in the 30 Letter series which I happen to stumble upon through Santulan’s blog. It instantly caught my fancy. But the idea of committing myself to writing a letter each day of the month was quite uninviting. So, I simply decided to bend the rules a little and made it A Letter Twice A Week.

So I want to invite you all to join in this challenge and have some fun! Will you board the Train of Letters??

So let’s get started with the sixth letter. Letter to A Stranger.

Dear Stranger,

Hi! You don’t know me and neither do I? So why this letter you might think? Because I know may be I don’t know you, may be I haven’t met you, but I am sure if I am writing this to you, you might have played some role in my life or better, you will play a character in my life’s theater. So, does it answers your question now??

So, even if we haven’t met may be you have passed by me somewhere at some point of time, may I have smiled at you and you have smiled back at me or may you have just visited this place in your leisure time. Even if we are strangers now, may be if Destiny wants it we would be friends in future. 

Oh! This letter is so full of “May be”s!! 

Without even meeting me, you teach me a few important things. Like, how a simple smile can change two lives at the same time, yours and mine! Like, why I shouldn’t be afraid of the unknown; because what isn’t known, isn’t known and I can’t change it! Why fear it then! I know being a stranger, you still add a meaning to my life, as you teach me how to figure out who are real friends of mine. You tell me in your own discreet ways who to trust and who not to. Being a stranger you are sometimes the only company I have!! Sometimes only you understand me because sometimes only a stranger will listen to you and won’t judge you!! 

So even if I don’t know you, all I want for you is loads of smiles, because everyone needs smiles. Right? And if you can’t find the smile on face, look in your pockets and if you still don’t find it, Ask me. I will give you mine. 🙂 When you are afraid of the darkness, turn on the lights and if you can’t, search within. The light within yourself will guide you on the path through the darkness to the sky full of rainbows! I want you to know if you don’t have anyone, you can find me anywhere to pour your heart out. I will always be there to hear you out. You just have to write to me. 🙂

With loads of Love and Smiles sending your way,



Ever written to anyone you don’t know yet?? Grab this oppurtunity and write now!! Post your letter in the link below! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Dear Stranger || 30 Letter Series

  1. It’s amazing sometimes what a smile or a short chat with a stranger can do for you and them. We don’t realise the impact of some people on our lives. 🙂 Nicely penned. I need to get back to this too…I only wrote the first three I think! Whoops! 😛

  2. Loved it… we can actually learn a lot from strangers we just pass by on the streets even. A simple selfless act you get to witness can uplift your mood for the entire day.
    P.S. I had written a letter to a stranger too a long time ago. Sadly, its been nearly a decade since this post and I have yet to get my response 😀

  3. Blogging is all about meeting strangers who become friends. Lovely idea writing letters. I used to write a lot of them before the Internet!
    All the best.

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