Tale Of Unmade Rooms – Chapter 2 #BarAThon

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Too many people, everyone busy in their own task, made this spacious 2 bedroom suite of the five-star hotel look cramped, having lost its glory. Angela stood quietly in the corner, Neil holding her with his hand around her shoulder. She was shaking uncontrollably every time she was asked to recall how and when she encountered the blood.

The room was setting a new definition of mayhem, and news travelled faster than the wildfire.

“Police is on the hunt for the actor Christopher Shine for the alleged murder of his own fiance in the hotel… “, the newsreader spoke vehemently, bruising everyone’s reputation whose name was taken in that one single sentence.

“Who leaked the news?” barked the Police Inspector in charge, ” Are you looking for cheap publicity here?”

The media intrusion in the high-profile cases always annoyed him especially when he himself was at a loss to decipher what had taken place at the crime site. The body of the deceased wasn’t found yet and here the media went on to announce it as a murder.

“Who was accompanying him when he checked-in?” The police inspector asked the receptionist Mia.

“Miss Cherry Fernandez”, she spoke confidently as if it was a routine questioning.

“And who was with him when he left?”

“No one, sir. he left alone.”

“Did Miss Cherry leave before him or after him?”

“I did not see her leave while anytime on my duty”, she spoke, a little less confident now.

“Hmm… Call the person who was on-duty at the time you weren’t”, he spoke with authority and continued to speak to the manager, “I want all the recordings from every security camera that’s in place. And no part of this investigation should be fed to the media. Understood?”

The manager simply nodded in embarrassment as he rushed out of the room towards the security cabin on the ground floor.

“What do you think happened? Is it possible that Cherry was abducted instead or had she been murdered?”, Angela whispered to Neil in an undertone, amidst the confusion.

“Let’s hope so. Though it only seems lesser of the two evils“, he spoke in a grim voice.

The room went eerily quiet as the only voice now heard was of the news reporter in a flat tone, who clearly succeeded in hiding her feelings of shock, which others couldn’t as they heard her say, ” The great actor of the decade and most loved celebrity, Christopher Shine was found dead in his room while waiting in the airport lounge. He was to take the scheduled flight…..”

The reporter’s voice was lost in the commotion that followed a loud thud in the corner, grabbing everyone’s attention.

Angela had fainted.

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PROMPT- Lesser of the two evils
THEME- Chase

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