Tale Of Unmade Rooms – Chapter 1 #BarAThon

“Angela, you and Neil take the left wing. We both will cover the right wing”, said Sophie before vanishing behind the door.

“I feel like we are trespassing their privacy. Isn’t it?” Angela thought out loud as she pulled out the key from her pocket.

“Why so? They have already left”, said Neil as he waited for her to unlock the room,

“But they do leave their stories behind. Don’t you think?”

“Yeah, Miss Author of The Stories They Left Behind!” teased Neil.

As she pushed the door open, she turned her head around to mock a laugh in response to his comment. The strong fragrance of the cologne hit her the first thing as she entered the room, Neil in tow.

“Chris was here”, she murmured.



“Who’s Chris-to-pher?” asked Neil as he stared at dumbstruck Angela.

“Neil! I think you had one too many last night. The effect hasn’t been faded yet! “, she rolled her eyes as she continued to speak, ” The Christopher! The actor!”

“Oh! Chris! Yeah, He was.” he said as matter-of-fact.

“Mia told me he always stays here whenever he visits the city and always this particular room. I can tell by the cologne he uses!” She spoke with such pride in voice.

“Oh yeah? Did Mia tell you who was he staying here with?” teased Neil.

A frown followed on her face. She busied herself in the housekeeping task at hand ignoring Neil’s remarks altogether.

“I think they too left a story behind. Don’t you think, between the creases of these…..” he continued to speak getting the desired effect on her as she pulled out the bedsheet covers for the laundry.

“Neil.. “, she spoke in different incomprehensible tone. She slowly got up but found the ground too unsteady to stand. Neil reached just in time to hold her from falling.

“What happened?” he asked as his eyes followed her gaze and he too saw the pool of dried blood on the bed that lay without linen.

Angela was the first one to recover and speak, “I think we need to call the manager immediately.”

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PROMPT- One Too Many
THEME- Chase

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