The Emerald

The secret is out. Raghvi finally reveals to Arjun, the importance of emerald in her life. It wasn’t something Arjun was expecting.

The Parcel

What was in the parcel that brought tears in Raghvi’s eyes? Why was she still hiding it from Arjun?

The Friendship

The friendship that once brought joy to her life was now making her question her life choices. What was it that disturbing her so much?

The Notification

Will the notification about the lost earring calm Raghvi or will it be just another addition to the brewing chaos in her mind?

The Indulgence

Will indulgence in her emotions would cost her dearly? What is Raghvi hiding and what’s the reason for her panic?

The Detour

Raghvi takes a detour while returning home from the party. What is it that makes her both excited and nervous?

The Celebration

Reflecting upon her past amidst her own celebration party, what makes Raghvi leave in the middle of it. What is this detour about?