The Detour

The Lost Emerald

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Chapter Two
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Chapter Five

The Detour

She drove quietly, navigating through route that the app showed her. There wasn’t much traffic owing to the weeknight, especially at this hour of the night. Her detour took only ten minutes to reach and she turned off the engine. She quickly got down the car and handed over the keys to the valet of the hotel while walking in confidently. After all it wasn’t the first time she was coming here.

She walked over to the reception and she could see that the receptionist himself was awe-struck by her looks today. It took him a few seconds to break the trance and attend to her.

“Mr. Solanki is waiting for you in the café ma’am”, he said gesturing her in the direction of the in-house café.

She walked slowly towards the café as her stilettos clinked. Even from the distance apart she could recognize him in his impeccable suit, sitting alone waiting for her. Always in his best attire, even at this hour, she thought. As she neared the table that was awaiting her arrival, he looked at her with beaming eyes. Undoubtedly, he seemed smitten too.

“Shall I?” asked Raghvi, pulling the chair out and breaking his daze.

“Sure, All yours”, he couldn’t stop his smile covering his whole face.

“Let’s talk business then?” said Raghvi, trying hard to keep her voice formal.

“Yes sure”, he quickly pulled out an envelope from the beige leather bag that occupied half the table for two. He handed her the envelope to open and confirm its content.

Raghvi turned the enveloped around in her hand. She then gently pulled out the lone piece of paper from inside the envelope.

Her gaze stopped at her name at the top and then his signature at the bottom. She glanced up, her heart memorizing this moment.

“Yes, this is it. First of many. Cheque in your name.”

She saw it once again, counting the numbers written in his effortless handwriting.

She smiled once again and then stood up. He stood up too gathering his things.

She then hugged him and said, “Thank you Mayank.”

Chapter Six

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