The Indulgence

The Lost Emerald

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The Indulgence

Keeping the emotions in check, Raghvi broke the hug just a few seconds later. They looked at each other awkwardly. It was Mayank who broke the silence first.

“Shall we celebrate before we break this news to the world, just us?”

Raghvi didn’t answer immediately, as if weighing her options. She then nodded hesitantly.

The duo moved from the café to the all-nighter bar of the hotel.

“One whiskey with soda please, and Gin and tonic for you like the old times?” asked Mayank at the bar counter.

“No, gave that up. I’ll have red wine”, she said though her real preference was still Gin.

“Cool, give ma’am whatever she would like”, said Mayank to the bartender.

They took seats in the corner behind the bar counter. The loud music of the bar had moved on to slow Sufi music since most of the party people had retired to their rooms now.

“Your Emeralds are really beautiful”, spoke Mayank.

“Yeah, my favourite”.

Their drinks arrived, one after the other as the time passed by.

It was around midnight when Arjun looked up the clock. Time had passed really slow for him tonight. He looked at his indulgence. Without the wife monitoring, he had taken full advantage of his solo night. After finishing off with his drink and delectable dinner, he now moved to bedroom.

She looked ravishing today, he thought about the selfie she had sent him before heading for the party. Oh how he craved for her at the moment.

Raghvi had never been so late to return from her parties, he wondered.

He pulled out the phone to text her if she needed him to pick her up. He was surprised to see that she still hadn’t seen or replied to his messages from the evening.

Something didn’t feel right to him and not knowing made him anxious.

“When do you want to-“

The old grandfather clock at the vintage themed bar chimed, breaking their conversation midsentence.

Raghvi looked at her watch and her face turned white as if she had seen a ghost.

“I must leave, it’s late”, she said, her voice loaded with enough panic that Mayank didn’t dare question her.

“Sure”, that’s all he could say.

She had completely lost track of time. She chided herself for being so indulgent in her emotions tonight.

Chapter Seven

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