The Notification

The Lost Emerald

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Chapter Seven

The Notification

“Your emerald is safe with me and so is your secret 😉”.

The message notification popped up and broke her concentration. Raghvi was in a meeting with Kinjan about the prospective clients. She was finding it hard to focus on what client was demanding off their venture when she saw the notification. One sentence and it was enough to zone her out.

It’s been a week she had been searching for the lost earring but without any success and now this text had confirmed her worst suspicions.

“Can you please drop it at my office?”

“Rather let’s just catch up? Same place?”

The reply made her heart leap. This is exactly what she had feared.

“We surely will. But this is really important to me, please..”

“I know. It is now important to me as well 😉”

Frustrated she banged her phone down on the table.

“All okay?” asked Kinjan, who was surprised by the anger she saw on Raghvi’s face. Raghvi had always been known for her calm and charming demeanour.

“Yeah, it’s just… nevermind.. Let’s just get over with this client’s presentation”, she forced herself back into the discussion.

He waited for her reply but none came. Disappointed a bit, he looked at the exquisite piece of earring and then tucked it away safely inside his blazer’s pocket.

Mayank then closed his eyes to replay the events of that night last week.

She stood up abruptly when their fourth drink had just been poured. He watched her in silence as she tried to hide the panic behind that beautiful smile. He offered to walk her till the valet brought her car.

He knew she had preferred wine over gin because she wanted to stay a bit sober. But even the wine showed its effects. He even offered to drop her home but she politely refused.

Since it was past midnight, valet was taking sometime to fetch her car. It’s then waiting outside, the sudden downpour drenched them. In a few seconds of confusion, chaos and running inside to get shelter, they were soaked.

“You can’t be leaving like this. You have a long way back home!” he said.

She simply shrugged, her face mirroring the dilemma of her mind.

“Just dry yourself upstairs, while I just change into something else. I will then drop you home.”

“No that’s.. not.. a.. good.. idea..”, Raghvi stammered.

“It might not be. But that’s the only one”, Mayank walked away towards the stairs ditching the elevator. “It’s just on the first floor”, he called out to her without turning back.

After a few seconds’ thought, she followed him.

Chapter Eight

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