The Celebration

The Lost Emerald

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The Celebration

Kinjan came dancing to get Raghvi to the dance floor of the celebration party.

“Hey, come join us! Let us celebrate!” She had to shout to be heard because the music was too loud to have any conversation in a normal voice.

“Yeah, I’ll join later, you guys have fun,” Raghvi politely responded.

Kinjan went back to getting lost in the music knowing well there wasn’t any point in pestering her friend.

Raghvi sat alone with her drink and observed rest of the gang dancing away crazily. She remembered the days when she used to be the life of the party, cynosure of everyone’s eyes. She used to more outgoing and fun loving than she was now. Now she wondered more about what people would think and the recent body image issues has started making her feel conscious.

Though she looked gorgeous in her satin black dress, paired with emerald earrings and stilettos, but to her the mirror mattered above everything else. It was something she has started to dislike gradually.

The loud music reminded her of her early 20s when she was naïve and just want to melt away in the music itself. The phase didn’t last long before she realized that it was up to her to realize her dreams and convert them into reality. After passage of more than a decade, she looks back and thanks her younger-self for blooming into what she is now today. She was proud of her journey and she was grateful to have achieved her dreams.

Thought of Arjun crossed her mind, which is usually ineluctable when she thinks about her past. Arjun had always been the pillar of her strength, her motivator and cheerleader always. She admired how he did it every single time.

Her reverie was interrupted by the sudden vibration of her phone on the table.

“It’s all set. Can’t wait to see you! Come ASAP” she read the text, sliding it down from the notification.

She smiled briefly before replying, “Will take a detour while going home. See you soon.” Her smile was a mix of excitement and nervousness.

She gestured Kinjan about leaving and made a quick exit.

Chapter Five

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