The Previous Evening

The Lost Emerald

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The Previous Evening

He unlocked the door and let himself in. It’s evening and the house was in impeccable condition as always.

He always wondered how his wife managed to keep it that way knowing well how less he contributed to it. A wave of guilt overcame his other thoughts. It was not like he didn’t want to help, but his schedule in recent years has become unbearable, even for himself. He could barely spend time with Raghvi, let alone devote some to the household.

He carefully removed the shoes and kept it in the rack thoughtfully. He walked to the kitchen, in the mood to cook something for his wife today. He wasn’t surprised to find his dinner already cooked and placed in the fridge with instructions of course. He then remembered that she had her celebration party tonight and might return late.

He thought of going on a drive or catching up with his friends for drinks, but after searching for car keys for a good five minutes he realized that Raghvi had taken the car today for the party.

He was never a party person, always preferred solitude to a bunch of people dancing to loud music. He poured himself a drink and walked out to the terrace garden. Today, after the rains, the weather was perfect for a candlelight dinner in their terrace garden. He was missing his wife way more than usual. He picked up his phone and dropped her some sweet messages before putting on some random videos to watch.

Little did he know that it wasn’t his messages she was waiting for.

Chapter Four

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