The Earring

The Lost Emerald

Chapter One

Chapter Two

The Earring

“Where is your earring?”

“Huh?”, she looked at him quizzed. Releasing herself from the hug, she turned around to look at herself in the mirror. A wave of panic gripped her as she noticed the missing earring. The lonely other piece of the emerald studded earring was looking back at her from the mirror.It seemed to ask about the whereabouts of the other but she wasn’t able to meet her own eyes.

“I got to rush my darling. Are you coming along? I’ll drop you at your office”, he said, picking up the wallet and the car keys.

“Yeah, give me five minutes”, she opened the dressing drawer to change the earring. Raghvi looks at the exquisite collection she has acquired over the years as anniversary gifts from her husband. A smile of admiration passes through her face, both for her husband and the collection.She quickly grabs her bag and heels rushes towards the door with the keys.

“Kinjan, do you remember seeing my earring last night?”, asked Raghvi, trying hard to keep her emotions away from her face.

“Yes, of course! Who can not notice those beautiful emeralds. I was gushing over them all the time at yesterday’s party”, Kinjan chirped.

“What happened?” She asked when she noticed Raghvi a little lost.

“I lost one of it”, she said, her voice full of panic instead of sadness.

“Oh, when? How?”

“I don’t know, that’s why I asked you!” Raghvi sounded a little irritated now.

“I’m sure they were intact when you left the party last night. So you must have dropped it in your car or they must be somewhere at home.”

Raghvi was silent. It was neither in the car nor at home, she felt sure of it. She could sense trouble knocking the door of her life. Her little detour on the way home, might cost her more than just the emerald. She shuddered just at the thought of it.

Chapter Three

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